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Remove damaged trees and overgrown shrubs from your yard.

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Stump Grinding

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5280 Trees:

When in Doubt, Go Higher!

Call a reliable arborist in Lakewood, Arvada, Denver, & Aurora, CO

5280 Trees offers a range of tree services in Lakewood, CO. Over the years, our arborist team has helped many homeowners and business owners with their preventive tree care needs. We're equipped to assist with the tallest trees and the smallest shrubbery. We can also plant new trees and shrubs in your yard.

Call us at 720-577-5280 now to discuss your project with an arborist in Lakewood, Arvada, Denver, & Aurora, CO.

3 benefits of hiring 5280 Trees

Maintaining your trees and shrubs takes a lot of work. If you're looking for reliable tree services in Lakewood, Arvada, Denver, & Aurora, CO, reach out to the arborists at 5280 Trees. You can depend on us to handle all your tree care needs, because we'll:


Conduct an on-site inspection of your trees and shrubs


Safely remove your trees, shrubs and stumps using specialized tools


Make sure your remaining trees and plants are healthy and look great

You can also hire us to plant new trees and shrubs in your yard.

Contact us today to schedule your free consultation with our arborists in Lakewood, Arvada, Denver, & Aurora, CO.

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